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from 09/04/2019 to 14/07/2019

The Multitude In Each of Us

Musia is being converted into a single, large exhibition featuring portraits, self-portraits and sculptures from the Jacorossi Collection. Here one wanders through a landscape of faces, of gazes to observe as if in a mirror, looks that attract or disturb, expressions and postures to identify with and ultimately find in others something of oneself. A profound sense of the centrality of the Individual emerges compellingly from the creativity of the artists and their works.   We live in multitude; we are a multitude, given the molecular and liquid nature of society. Yet, in each of us, there is always a buried anxiety to hold onto and develop our own distinct personality. The multitude makes us all equals, in a continual repetition of sameness,... read more »

Dove Siamo

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