Who we are

Musia was created on via dei Chiavari, the symbolic place of the Jacorossi family. It is here in fact that Ovidio Jacorossi’s grandfather, Agostino, opened a small coal shop in 1922, the beginning of what would become a major business enterprise. Musia was conceived as a neighbourhood space located in the historic centre of Rome, but with its eyes turned towards Europe, mounting initiatives that bring contemporary art together with related disciplines such as fashion, music and architecture. The Musia project grew out of the decades-long business experience of the Gruppo Jacorossi, with the vital contribution of Ovidio Jacorossi’s enduring resolve. Its underlying goal is to promote contemporary art, a powerful tool for the creativity of individuals and businesses, not least by making it accessible to as many people as possible.




Musia’s Mission is to promote contemporary art as an instrument for the creativity of individuals and business. This implies the following objectives:

  • to allow everyone to enter into the system of contemporary art through a process of interpreting artwork;
  • to recount the Jacorossi experience – on its path between art and business, founded on the centrality of man in the economic process – and to solicit greater attention to the problem of continuity over generations in family businesses.