I servizi offerti da Musia

Our Services

In addition to their intimate, convivial atmosphere, the various spaces offer the flexibility needed to host all types of business or private events. Their audio-visual technology allows simultaneous transmission of content into other rooms, while our kitchen guarantees excellent food and wine choices for every need.


Musia Events



We organize guided tours for groups or individuals in which we explain the two-thousand-year life of the spaces on which Musia stands. Our art historians accompany visitors through the exhibitions as well. The tour is completed with a chance to relax in our welcoming spaces or choose from our food services. 






The creative power of contemporary art makes an ideal tool to form the minds and hearts of children, both young and old. Musia offers specially-designed workshops and educational itineraries to stimulate their ability to interpret artwork, informed continually by both the history held within our walls and the future yet to come.






Based on the Jacorossi model, Musia offers initiatives and services for businesses and professionals interested in using contemporary art as a creative way to encourage innovation and competitiveness. Musia can formulate and organize a wide variety of activities and events, such as temporary exhibitions in company buildings and offices, courses or in-depth information about contemporary art and the stakeholders in the System, consultation about how to successfully approach and invest in contemporary art, and management of authentication and restoration and conservation interventions.