Spazi Musia

Lo Spazio

This 16th-century courtyard attributed to Baldassarre Peruzzi is literally “traversed” by our exhibition space thanks to a suggestive transparent covered walkway that allows the entire space to be appreciated. It is truly an architectural jewel whose smallest details speak of the quality of the recovery and restoration work. Traces of frescoes, capitals and pilasters appear among the artworks in a continual play of mirroring between the contemporary and the centuries-long history of this place.



After an immersion in contemporary art and its contaminations, one need only climb the massive stairway to reach a space saturated with the ancient Roman spirit of Musia. It is a sort of secret treasure box embedded in the timeless intimacy of the surrounding buildings, a perfect setting for calm reading or quiet conversation, or just to listen to the sounds of the everyday world in the background – a child’s laughter, a TV jingle, the clinking of glasses or rattling of a window: in a word, life.